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What do my clients have to say?


“Sofia has been a fabulous, very sincere and encouraging trainer. She has excellent knowledge about anatomy and how to get the best results. She totally gave me confidence to take on the challenge of regular exercise. Thanks Sofia, A+ from me.”  ~Miek


“I have never been this small in my entire life! I lost 75 lbs and I feel like a completely different person. I have more energy now to keep up with the little ones I take care of at work. Sofia explained to me the importance of nourishing my body with high quality foods and the role that these foods play so that I can get through my day. I never thought I’d be able to fit into skinny jeans!”   ~Daniela


“When I started taking classes with Sofia, I instantly noticed improvement in my muscular strength, endurance, and stamina. She always makes sure that we work every muscle group, so that by the end of my work out I feel well rounded and strong throughout my whole body. As a competitive dancer, my dance teachers also noticed an amelioration, especially with my stamina: I am now capable of training for much longer periods of time without stopping. My body is stronger; I do not pull muscles as frequently, and recover much faster from dance injuries than I have in the past. Furthermore, if I have any questions about health and nutrition, Sofia does not hesitate when answering, and always gives helpful nutritional tricks for the training that I am undergoing as a pre-professional dancer. Sofia taught me many valuable lessons about my health and body that will stay with me throughout my life.”   ~ Ariane, Dancer


“Waking up at 6am to work out is never very appealing; but, Sofia’s warm smile and encouragement through my tough workout gets me there every week. If you want to feel those muscles you forgot you had this is your girl! Thanks Sofia, I love seeing my body shrink! ”     ~ Tanya 


On August 24th, I made the decision to visit with Sofia to get my life back on track after losing my husband in January of this year. I knew that it was time for me to start taking better care of myself by eating right & exercising.   I started a “Meal Plan” that Sofia tailored specifically for me.  After 3 weeks, I went for my first weigh in & I lost 7 lbs. Sofia is such a great motivator & I’m so very excited and thankful to her for her inspiration. Her meal plan has allowed me to be creative with the foods.  My meals and snacks fill me up, and NO I’m not hungry because I’m eating the right things at the right times.  Sometimes I feel that I can’t get all the fruits & vegetables in that I need to eat because I’m full.  It’s a great change of life for me & this is a great testimonial that anyone that puts their mind to it can do it as well. Thank you SOFIA!       ~ Linda




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